Great drives: Aston Martin DB11 on the trail of scandal at Cliveden House –

The evening before, I had imbibed a  cocktail in the velvety Soho cellar where adulterous MP John Profumo used to squire good-time girl Christine Keeler, back when it was called The Pinstripe Club. Now it’s called Disrepute, a nod to the scandals that took place there. 

The drinks menu alludes to this celebrity haunt’s naughty past: “He had dined late with his wife. She had grown accustomed to ending their dalliance before his night took on a more business-like tone, descending as it did into hushed voices, influential decision and ­finally, as the hours grew long, ­infamy,” reads the description for a Vintage Sour: vodka, sparkling mead, lemon, honey syrup and ­an egg white. The imagery is all there, but the seediness has been replaced by plush art deco furnishings. 

The coffee percolator announces a new day and a white Aston Martin DB11 wakes my neighbours with the bark of its V12. Before…


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