New cars offer no good space to store a purse – Chicago Tribune

Q: Do you have any insight if the trend to have the console fill the entire area between the front seats will continue? I do not care for this style, as I like to keep my purse on the floor between the seats regardless of if I have a passenger in the front seat or not. I drive a Honda CRV 2007 and prefer that added space provided. The consoles now appear confining to me and leave no space for personal items. Thanks for any input you may have.

— S.S., Orland Park

A: We did some research and could not find any new automobiles with a gap between the seats. All seem to have some sort of console, although some seem to be rather meager. A couple of the consoles look like they could be removed, but there may be no carpet beneath them. Although cars no longer have bench seats, some pickup trucks and SUVs still do.

Q: Why can I not find out what company supplied the air bags for my 2016 Toyota Camry XLE? I’ve run the gamut from car dealer to factory to corporate headquarters to the highway safety department. My Camry has 800 miles on it and will stay parked until I feel safe.


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